Tariq A. Rana

Born in Lahore, Pakistan. Attended 10th Grade in local language school i.e., Urdu medium as language of instructions. Haunted by extreme passion to become famous doing painting, instead, did not attend any art school.

Since this is an ABOUT PAGE, cannot ignore mentioning whatever creative and imaginative experience is attached with me like addiction, which includes creative director in large advertising agencies, editor in English dailies and monthly magazine.

Scrap iron, sculpting experimentation with exhibition, TVCs making, social documentaries, brand promotion, in fact, uphill struggle to attend my mind battles towards creative soul satisfaction. Since I can't dream alone, hence, continuing teaching photography.

Each photograph is priced USD 100 with sole copy rights belonging to me.

In first grade my teacher praised my crayons drawing and allowed me to sit beside her. In class 6 I failed in Maths but was doing well in drawing. I trusted my madness and did well until I become useless student in academic in important subjects. Strong people commented adversely on my bad grades. In this world overflowing with ego, I continued with my fine arts self training but could not make a point without a formal training as certain darkness is necessary to find a star: I intensely took interest in my father's (Professor Dr. Ahsanul Haq Rana) photography. He had all the equipment to develop and print his negatives.

'I have no special talent. I am passionately curious' Albert Einstein, I did things that feed my soul and not my ego and I was rather happy.

In this website all that you see is my own work. I trained my mind to see good in every situation, more or less. All photographs are from old print vintage manual cameras, Ashai Pantax (Spotmatic) and Rolleiflex twin lens was inherited by me from my father. All images are non-touched, without filters and flash: are in original form and shape.

All articles obviously, have been written by me and have been published in Pakistan's leading English dailies. One letter published in TIME International Magazine with my heading caption is also uploaded. My creative design book as 'Time and Space' on Home Page is a piece of human art legacy.

Concrete houses' cost unbearable and huge cost with surplus time span, I introduce concept of straw bale construction techniques houses in 2004 in Pakistan. Bricks cost roughly 10 Million of house cost shell be reduced to about 2 Million in a complete for an incredibly beautiful house. Straw bale house provides offers unmatched benefits that can be seen going on Wikipedia straw bale houses. In addition, I will provide handmade furniture bathroom fittings landscaping and traditional flooring.

Exposures above by Tariq Rana