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All letters, articles and columns pasted below are written by me, these have already been published in Pakistan's leading English newspapers and are my copyrighted property, including a letter published in TIME International magazine with its heading composed from the content of this letter that is displayed on home page of this website. Contents in this page starts the period from 1987 to 2004. Enjoy the joy...

Our politicians make frequent trips to the US... read more

American Style(07-10-1987)

... 86,000 servants precisely to look after the clothing, babies, car washing, cooking, dish washing, households, shopping, house sweeping... read more

Austerity is Wisdom(28-09-1987)

...responsible for a defeat or poor performance resign voluntarily or under public pressure... read more

Commentary (22-07-1987)

... a 'favourite' site for the burglers, thieves and even sabouters... read more

Drainage problem(27-11-1987)


... he has won the hearts, and tears too, of his young freinds. read more

Heroes-Siachin Shaheeds(09-12-1987)

We shall wait and watch his potential, political consciousness, worth and abilities, eagerly if at all he rises to the occasion. Will he wait? read more

Imran as president(01-11-1987)

The U.S. Government is still striving to unearth the cause of the crash of spaceshuttle Challenger. read more

Letter to the Editor: Killings on roads (31-07-1987)

Why can't he mind his own soup which is so hot he may burn his lips if he wastes his breath to cool others. read more

Letter to the Editor: Rajiv's venture(11-10-1987)

This remains me of the warning on cigarettes packs. They are hazard to health . PTV is ready to challenge that too! read more

Neelam Ghar(13-12-1987)

... she visited U.K. having attended a grand stage show there. She artificially posted that she was reminded of the... read more

Neelam Ghar(18-11-1987)

...a game of chess is the best way to while away time and so a provision may be made for this facility...! read more

Plea to PIA(22-11-1987)

...he is under the nation as if he can rule the minds and hearts too. read more

Readers Column: 4-4=+4(Rajiv)(12-10-1987)

Oldies have been in the driving seats since almost partition, but it is now turn of the young and patriotic brains, potentially fit to take on the wheels... read more

Readers Column: Foreign Policy(20-10-1987)

Causes of bomb blast crimes may take its's time but we know the basic causes of merciless road accidents, then why the authorities do not take bitter and remedial measures? read more

Readers column: Karachi blasts (11-08-1987)

The younger generation needs fully equipped sports grounds, libraries and theaters halls. read more

Letter to the Editor: The video boom(22-09-1987)

Are we ready to counter the ecological nuisance? I'm afraid not. read more

Letter to the Editor: Town Planning(13-12-1987)