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Their memories always remain fresh in our minds and hearts. Thus they become immortal. read more


As long as there are Captain Iqbals, who has the fear of the enemy? read more

Captain Iqbal(07-04-1988)

... stop this mass killing. We can grow peanuts or sugarcane to earn more revenue.. read more

Cigarette publicity(04-01-1988)

We pick up the phone and talk a little surplus and slow. I am certain when we talk concise... read more

Defending T&T(10-01-1988)

Items, of precious and scarce nature are not displayed but taken away by the staff. read more

Duty-free shops(29-10-1988)

There are some difficulties associated with them. These are: (a) the presence of A- forms fraudulently; (b) mostly at the bank inside the shops foreign currency... read more

Duty free shops(29-10-1988)

The road to democracy is now clear and the destination awaits the elegance of the national prestige. The results are stunningly unexpected and at places shocking... read more


... reflects a lot of faith in the new generation, the generation which will now take important national decisions to take the people out of the woods. read more


... success is not permanent; the same is true of failure. The road of democracy is now clear and the destination awaits the elegance of the national prestige. read more


I mean it, the bond I developed with her is invaluable due to the humble and friendly connection I maintained with her since I was a child. read more

Elephant in Lahore Zoo(17-05-1988)

Along his luggage, his luck had also picked his lifeline! He moved to Pindi in June. '1988. Who knew my real uncle is going to move away to heavens? read more

Flights of angels(06-09-1988)

... a reformer and a kindhearted man. He established the Garrison Academy in Lahore Cantt. The standard of teaching at the academy is satisfactory, but there are some drawbacks. read more

Garrison Academy(24-07-1988)

Do you know a man who laid his life for the country? He was not an ordinary man but an incredible soul. He was tall, handsome, mature and friendly. read more

GENERAL SAMI(03-08-1988)

These days the " air" is full of surprises and shocks. Let it fall on honourable Atif too! read more


... Maxim has a poet inside him and that radiates through his cartoons and sketches. read more

Maxim's wisdom(06-12-1988)

... focusing their energies introducing new 'flashy' schemes of endless people get frustrated... read more

Mere pomp and show(04-10-1988)

Our industry has suffered and luxury has eroded our ethical and moral standards. We could not eradicate our weaknesses. read more


Game after game, tournament after tournament our players use the best portion of their physical and mental abilities... read more

Naming Stadiums(16-04-1988)

How many parolees are employed by the general public? Are there some who are left in jails ( otherwise fit ) due to personal or professional reasons? read more


... keeping the control of precious land for advertising the name of the airline. They should lease the phased out plane and focus their energies to improve timings, inflight service and efficiency of the airline. read more

PIA Planetarium(28-10-1988)

The pomp and show, lip service and eye-wash of "new bumper projects and schemes' must end... read more

PO Boxes(02-10-1988)

... 'flashy' schemes without caring for the long waiting line of people and doing nothing to improve the behavior of the rude staff. read more

Poor postal service(11-10-1988)

I can only say that we should think of the larger interests of the state, and 'boost' the intellect of our children rather than air racial and provisional prejudices. read more

Punjabi Language(29-01-1988)

For the interest of the concerned agencies and readers I summaries the occurrences faced by us and visitors in the category of 'commoners'. read more

Qoumi Mela(10-03-1988)

The best solutions would be to allow private sectors to enter the field of defence production. read more

Search for Submarines(16-02-1988)

Landing or take off strips are adequately ensured. The planning of a cosmopolian town can not be abandoned because of some prejudiced options. read more

Sheration,why not(04-03-1988)

... it is a Western plot to inculcate the bad habit in our young, when people in the West are giving up this habit fast. read more


Sunflower are well compared with animal sources of these minerals, such as milk and fish and favorable with cereal grains (corn, wheat) and other oilseeds (peanuts, soyabeans) . read more


It is well recognised that man is a most illogical creature when it comes to his eating habits. It is clear that the problem is vast, dangerous and complex, the greatest threat hanging over the heads of the next generation. read more

Where is the food(20-12-1988)

Every one desires to become rich overnight. Nature has produced a man; can we make some peaceful destiny for him? read more

Who Cares(29-03-1988)

What a dream! Would it come true, or we shall be deprived of it as usual? read more

Winter Olympics(27-02-1988)

... I will make the best use of the money and also the money shall be paid back in time. read more

Youth Promotion(26-02-1988)