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All letters, articles and columns pasted below are written by me, these have already been published in Pakistan's leading English newspapers and are my copyrighted property, including a letter published in TIME International magazine with its heading composed from the content of this letter that is displayed on home page of this website. Contents in this page starts the period from 1987 to 2004. Enjoy the joy...

... no censorship except physical contact in English movies. More comedies must be brought in. Ours is a stress society. read more

Call to PTV(20-03-1989)

... if one does not know some one inside the "houses" it shall be useless to waste time expecting that these people will respect the common man. read more

Contacts work(28-07-1989)

Crime does not pay... they always say... ... then, why they own many bungalows...? Perhaps they do not pay taxes... they are at high level... Far, far... away they travel... read more

Crimes does pay..(18-06-1989)

Please do justice to yourself and your family members before you select to lay our the table for your next meal. Meanwhile, I strongly protest to the food control authorities... read more

Eating Poison(03-07-1989)

This tax is a shock for most old and retired people settled in Islamabad. There must be some reprieve for plots... read more


Why did he have to leave us? He was a concise institution within himself. He was authoritative, competent and friendly. read more

Incredible Idrees(04-01-1989)

Dr. Ahsan-ul-Haq Rana was no ordinary teacher. Born in Amritsar in 1915 he did his M.Sc. from the University of the Punjab PhD from the same University, and M.S. (Nutrition) from Columbia University. New York. Before Independence he served as Professor of Chemistry and Vice - Principal at Raza College, Rampur State. read more

Injustice that rankles(19-02-1989)

Invest a few thousands, and then get into the mafia of prize bond 'early sellers', no jokes, before the draw of the bonds. James Bond was a member of this connection, later ran away due to the super efficiency on the 'gang'. read more

Jobs for jobless!(05-03-1989)

It was the most appropritae place where both the rich and the poor could purchase items of all varieties and qualities at cheap rates. read more

Juma Bazaar(15-01-1989)

... there must be some treatment, cure and exercise for patients suffering from this disease. read more

Patient needs help(27-01-1989)

1- Complete this sentence. Once elected, a politician pushes to create new jobs for his- A- Family. (B) Touts. (C) Hired voters. (D) All of the above. read more

Politician's quiz(21-11-1989)

I parked my car near the factory for half an hour and acid drops fell on it and ruthlessly spoiled the paint. read more


Whole world is paying attention to young. As our Prime Minister is young too, we must have a change in own thought. read more

PTV needs a change(20-07-1989)

A general air of chaos and confusion was seen mainly due to the irresponsible and casual attitude of the management. read more

Qumi Mela(16-03-1989)

I surely think it time we trust and groom the civil institutions too. They are designed and trained to handle all possible shows. read more

SAF-the remains(27-12-1989)

Had their aim been to plant a bomb then the result could have been more destructive. read more


Is it that fashionable car-chaser shall become as handsome as the 007 James Bond if he is a chain smoker? read more

Smoke screen(11-01-1989)

How cruel and killing! Please stop this mass murder. The revenue collected by the T.V. bosses and the government is not precious than the health of our children. read more

Smoke screen(16-01-1989)

New ideas along with the utilisation and expansion of present food sources would be the logical attitude to take in fulfilling these rapidly expanding needs. read more

Sun flower(16-05-1989)

We claim to be the custodians of human rights. How embarrassing. Love the handicapped and select them as your life partners. read more

The handicapped marriages(10-05-1989)

A junior constable stops the victim, and negotiations are shaped by him. The deal is finalized by the officer, who meanwhile waits eagerly for more victims to come to him read more

Traffic Jams(03-02-1989)