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All the books are ready to be sold, but we must provide individuals ready to read them. I pray 1991 shall be the year of justice and not year of fooling the people!!! read more

A strong Mohtasib(06-10-1990)

The toxic cases of this factory contains lethal acid drops which settle on everything in the 10-mile radius. read more

Acid drops(08-01-1990)

... the message is simple and vital for the men sitting on top, in their seats. This is an open letter from a voter to the elected ones. read more

After one year a reminder(10-01-1990)

The most obvious cure for allergic symptoms is the patient's careful avoidance of his particular allergents, whenever possible. read more


The so-called democratic change is suffering from self pity - the most destructive emotion there is. read more

An open letter and reminder(02-08-1990)

... a method that will place you direct in a big hit list and you will enjoy sucking the blood out of your voters and supporters. read more

Are You a Politician(19-09-1990)

Where is the law...? Full of flaw, they are fast on their trail... Faster the bail, slower the scale, of men placed in the jail! read more

Crime is high!(29-07-1990)

If You pay not your tax. He is the one..., a man in the run. The crime is hi... but we are shy... to rob a bank... to beat a price... touching the sky.... read more


To their surprise and horror, the results showed that the number of whales remaining south of the equator was far lower than had previously been thought. read more

Diminishing whales(14-05-1990)

We are undoubtedlly living in the space age. A poor distribution plan is a sad reflection on us. read more

Distribution deficiency(29-03-1990)

What is written on the labels and in advertisements is not true most of the time. Believe it or not we take some sort of poison everyday. Following are the common types of foodstuffs we eat daily: read more

eating problem(5-11-1990)

No person can add any substance to food to render it injurious for human consumption. read more

Food additives(20-10-1990)

Before the crash news spread, I phoned his house at 3 P.M. No one knew what had happened. His ADC informed me that the General had told him that he was going to Muzaffarabad and would then go... read more

Gen Sami-who did not come back alive(10-08-1990)

GREED for more and more is letting world peace in danger. The people of the world have made various efforts and the forces against war and for peace have built further. read more

Global concepts of world peace(09-10-1990)

''climbing the Trade Centre up side down,'' crossing the English hore by a smartly dressed boy, Sabil Shah, who was later identified as the office boy of the head clerk of the same college. read more

Guiness Book of World Records enters Pakistan(16-11-1990)

Since 1945, 40,000 different pesticides formulations have entered the global market. Their use has skyrocketed to more than 4.5 billion pounds worldwide every year. read more

Harmful pesticides(20-03-1990)

... no wonder they do not guard the frontiers of the state. In the race of ego, eye for an eye, they have all gone blind. read more


Leaching out of municipal landfiles into the groundwater, released into the air from garbage incinerators, or discharged from sewer systems... read more

Household wastes(26-02-1990)

Histamine is a substance normally found in the cells of the body. When it occurs in the blood in too large amounts it causes the blood vessels and surrounding tissues to swell. read more

How allergy develops(29-07-1990)

This business can be started at any place, around any public, office, the zoo, cinemas, airports, railway stations, even colleges, universities, telephone offices and so on. read more

Jobs for jobless(16-08-1990)

... garbage incinerators, or discharged from sewer systems into public waters, the 'toxic' waste comes back to haunt us. read more

letter to editor(26-2-1990)

On August 17, 1988, the Air Force plane C-130 crashes killing all abroad. A routine inquiry settled the matter. read more

National tragedies(10-02-1990)

The effect of pesticides do not end when their use is halted. Pesticides such as DDT, Cholrodane and Hepatachlor are among the most persistent... read more

Pesticides ban(30-01-1990)

Pesticides kill over 9000 people in the Third World every year. Even protective clothing and other precautions are not saving the people from their fatal effects. read more

Pesticides or Poisons(12-12-1990)

... young and and the general public of the harmful and potent direct health results on men and animals. read more

Pesticides,a double edged sword(18-12-1990)

In the old times, children were allowed to pursue familiar activities. Boys were trained for war or haunting. read more

Physical Education,necessity of all societies(22-07-1990)

Poppy cultivation is forbidden everywhere because its products i.e., narcotics are fatal for the human race. read more

poppy us sun flower(12-12-1990)

Due to these reasons sunflower is cultivated throughout the world to fulfill edible requirements. read more

Poppy vs sunflower(12-12-1990)

There is lack of respect of our National Anthem among the people. Years ago it used to be played at the end of the movies, but the cinema-goers either stood reluctantly or rushed towards the exits. read more

Qaumi Tarana(05-12-1990)

.. real danger and must be stopped before Multan turns into another 'Bhopal' tragedy. read more

readers column(8-1-1990)

In the worst case the number of the mighty blue whale (the animal ever to live) may have been reduced to no more than 200-1100 in the entire southern hemisphere. read more

Save the whales(27-05-1990)

3-A recent study conducted by the National Environment board in Thailand reveals that up to 75% of farmers in that country have been poisoned by pesticides. read more

Save youth from pesticides(18-03-1990)

Water runoff and leaching from pesticide-treated agriculture land pollute lakes, rivers and underground aquifers with dangerous concentration of toxic chemicals. read more

Slow death(21-04-1990)

I stand for granting more powers to the Mohtasibs to remove the people's problems expeditiously. read more

Speedy Justice(08-10-1990)

The big, flashy ads on the TV tempt the young, particularly the uneducated. They are spoiling the younger generation. read more

Stop it,please(22-12-1990)

The American Indians first grew sunflower for food. Later, in the 16th Century, it became the source of hair oil for the new Englanders. read more


The term Billiards comes from the Norman French's word "Billiarts" which means playing cue. The game was brought to Canada... read more

The brilliance of billiards(29-07-1990)

Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on the pretext that Kuwait in the olden times belonged to the primitive Baghdad. read more

US nuclear adventures and options(13-09-1990)

The number of resistant pest species is growing dramtically and affecting more areas. read more

Young labourers seriously threatened by pesticides(17-06-1990)

Breakfast for more of us is never complete until we go to work having read the day's misleading 'horoscope'. read more

Your junk horoscope(16-11-1990)