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Iraq's invasion of Kuwait cannot be condoned in any way. It is undoubtedly an act of blatant aggression. It sent the whole Gulf into a flurry of forces' mobilization. read more

300 Hiroshimas on its tip(04-01-1991)

Healthy and pleasant life in these organised centres can be, to get the real thrill of camping you should better do things for yourself. read more

A practical approach to camping(15-03-1991)

And now the next step - floating. Place the face in water as before and hold the breath. Then slowly drop both hands from the... read more

Afraid of water,Learn swimming(08-11-1991)

Do you think your seniors and your subordinates pay you proper respect, if not what are the reasons for this? read more

Ask me anything(11-01-1991)

Some may be absorbed into the food, and some may sneak out. It is the uncertainty of the cooking time and the limitations of the types of food that can be cooked which are the most serious disadvantages of the microwave oven./span> read more

Cook up a fast one(04-10-1991)

Till the day of his death, Abdus Sami was physically fit. As a junior officer, he was the best squash player of Pakistan Army. read more

Death be not proud(16-08-1991)

You have passed the test. You may pass on this strategy to the next generation. read more

Do it if you like(25-02-1991)

A fenale bird does not have to be taught where to hide her eggs that they will be safe; she knows that by instinct. read more

Education as a rescue operation(11-10-1991)

... the French will still be most 'romantic' the British the 'noblest' and the Americans the 'craziest'. read more

Fading Image(14-09-1991)

... is to live without many of the "wonder" products invented in the last 40 years. read more

Home hazards(14-10-1991)

Not only is this less efficacious, it also gives your opponent a chance to grab the stick while it lies dead against the body. read more

In this culture of crime(29-11-1991)

... call yourself an astronomist, yell at the top of your voice in Anarkali or in Nazimabad, predict about the lovers, the exams, politics, earthquakes, births... read more

Jobs for jobless(05-10-1991)

If one has serious plans to obtain such positions, it has to be backed by incredible and extreme hard work and dedication. As our young students have nor career planning package offered to them. read more


Aluminium foil is good for opague pouches for food, but it has to be laminated to decrease its physical fragility. read more

packed foof(10-1-1991)

Should all the authority to select a parolee rest with one officer? And who monitors the conduct of a prisoner on parole? read more


Poor farmers, the young and the general public must be warned of the harmful and potent direct health effects on men and animals. read more

Pesticides and the third world(20-09-1991)

Regarding milk, more than 90% of its vitamin C content is lost when its vitamin C content is lost when it is exposed to sunlight for one hour in a transparent glass bottle. read more

Poisnous Packing(10-01-1991)

Pentagon was seriously preparing to use them for changing the course of the war in Korea in 1953... read more

The American nuclear passage to Asia contd(25-01-1991)

The American strategists aim is to turn East Asia and the Pacific and Indian Ocean into an area for deployment of forward-based nuclear weapons of the same kind as Western Europe and the Atlantic, adjacent to it, have already become. read more

The American nuclear passage to Asia Contd.(25-01-1991)

They do not take reality into account and continue policy-making on the basis of illusions and errors. read more

The American nuclear passage to Asia(25-01-1991)

At one time it nearly destroyed the market for natural pearls, until methods of identifying them were developed. read more

The magnificient world of the pearl contd.(01-11-1991)

GUESS what do Elizabeth Taylor, Nancy Reagan, the Princess of Wales, Aphrodite and Cleopatra all have in common? read more

The magnificient world of the pearl(01-11-1991)

Incinerators release unknown quantities of harmful chemicals, seriously threatening the eco-system. Incinerating hazardous waste does not stop its spread in the environment. read more

Toxic trash(04-12-1991)

... the police must devote their energies to guiding and educating the public. read more

Traffic mess(30-01-1991)

I was attacked by a decoit, who tried to snatch my motorcycle two months back on a dark road at mid-night. It not only saved my bike and life but also injured and forced the dacoit to run away. read more

Tripping an opponent(13-12-1991)

At the same time, the Pentagon strategies are assuming, with striking cynicism, the right to unceremoniously manipulate the destinies of the American people and dozens of other sovereign nations... read more

us nuclear passage to asia(1-2-1991)

I recently read a paper written by a scholar, (who read it in USA). He had written 'ismart' instead of 'smart'. I wonder whether that was our habit or pure conviction. read more

Wrong Urdu(03-01-1991)