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... in the future it might be worthwhile. For the present there are more than enough mineral-rich mud-and-sand sediments waiting to discovered on the ocean floor. read more

a journey into underwater world(10-4-1992)

The roof, the openings, the ornaments and the calligraphy - all are the byproducts of this simple geometry. read more

architecture in our lifestyle(8-5-1992)

For a time the diet should consist of binding foods like sago. read more

Bringing up Puppy(07-08-1992)

Having got the puppy home, but do not be too fussy or introduce him to a lot of strangers. read more

Bringing up Puppy(24-07-1992)

Our politicians make frequent trips to the US... read more

Boating-a spectacular sport(20-03-1992)

Your food must contain these substances in the right proportion. It is not the quantity of your diet that counts. read more

discover the fitness(20-3-1992)

English, in short, is easy to speak badly - and that is all that is required of world language, if what you mean by a world language is an attenuated code. read more

English and education(28-04-1992)

We do appreciate the flashy labels on the packing of the respective food items, who knows we are, in fact, being poisoned, and that we are not aware on the adulteration. read more

Food and its poisonous packing(06-10-1992)

Our politicians make frequent trips to the US... read more

Power and punch of propaganda(16- 06-1992)

Our politicians make frequent trips to the US... read more

Horsemanship-an exhilarating sport(30-10-1992)

Germany was one of the leading countries in the development of PE. Guts Muths (1959-1839) was a pioneer writer on this subject. read more

Physical education(15-06-1992)

But probably the most common competition is against another person, either actively in a game or by trying to beat another's high jump or 100 meter sprint record. read more

Sports,a way of life(07-02-1992)

In all parts of the world men believe in spirits. Some spirits, especially fairies and elves, are helpful to human beings. read more


Stone Age men began extracting this salt from the sea thousands of years ago by trapping sea water in shallow basins; read more


Having given a rosy glow to this class, they are a few years time, segregate themselves from poor structure of the state. read more