Article's 1993 :

All letters, articles and columns pasted below are written by me, these have already been published in Pakistan's leading English newspapers and are my copyrighted property, including a letter published in TIME International magazine with its heading composed from the content of this letter that is displayed on home page of this website. Contents in this page starts the period from 1987 to 2004. Enjoy the joy...

... still unchecked from bottom to the top and have billions worth of bank balance, living like kings, Children studying abroad, plots and houses, cars etc. read more

an open letter to pm moeen qureshi(10-10-1993)

The Muslim perhaps has done just that. We can depend on its foresight, capacity to assess political crises and on its sincerity towards the masses. read more

It's time for muslim(5-7-1993)

Soldiers win battles and generals take the credit. What has happened in Somalia? The massacre of most precious lives. read more

peace in bonisa(19-7-1993)

78 ordinances in two-and-a-half years, some of them several times. Instead of mustering the requisite majority and moving the requisite majority and moving a constitutional amendment... read more

Sancitity of muharram(27-6-1993)